• Oak
    “Which table do you like best? I think I like this one over here.” Darby Miller pointed across the showroom to a solid walnut wood table. “Don’t you think that is the one?” She looked back at her friend, who was looking at her phone. “Kace. I’m serious. Will you pay attention? We’re picking outContinue
  • Neiru
    Joru Tanaka quietly ate his breakfast. He always ate quietly. He didn’t need to add to the noise in the room. “I have a project due next week, mom. Will you help me this weekend?” Ishi was in sixth grade. “Of course I will. What is the subject?” Kameko had her long black hair inContinue
  • The Maker
    The gravel crunched under Eldrid Monaghan’s boots in a rhythm that sounded like a slow jazz beat as he walked on the path across the park near his home. Kr-chhrrg, kr-chhrrg, kr-chhrrg. He tried to focus on the sounds and feel the beat. He tried and failed to listen to the song of the birdsContinue
  • Lolo
    Butch was just a tourist until the sixth day of his vacation to Hawaii. After laying on the beach in a drunken stupor, sunning by the pool with a good buzz and eating half a pig at the luau, Butch woke up on his sixth day with an unsettled desire to go somewhere. The escapeContinue
  • Kairn of Glen Feirnaugh
    “Grandpapa tell us a story.” The five-year-old girl pleaded with her great grandfather. “Aye. I’m barely part o’ this worl’ now so I’ll tell y’ what I see in th’ shadow of the last world. We live in this shadow right now and tonight I’ll tell y’ what lies on th’ other side.” The oldContinue
  • Jumpers
    The wind casually drifted past the edge of the roof of One World Trade. The calm, cool day seemed a perfect day to jump off it. A beautiful set of stairs constructed of hardwood led up to the opening in the glass wall surrounding the edge. Kyle Hargrove stood at the base of the stairsContinue
  • I Am, I Think
    A car sped past, horn blaring. It wasn’t close. I’m fine. Everett continued forward. The sun was hot, but it felt good. There was always too much time inside — too much air conditioning. The wind jostled everyone’s hair as Everett moved through the park. He didn’t make a sound. He preferred to stay silentContinue
  • The Helper
    “Excuse me. Sir?” The voice woke Wade up from a peaceful sleep. He reached over to the lamp and turned it on. “What is it?” Wade rubbed his eyes and tried to make sense of what had just appeared in his bedroom. “I need some help,” the blurry thing said. There is a point whereContinue
  • Gad
    The creature in front of us on the patio was unlike anything we had ever seen. He was covered in so much dirt it was not possible to tell if he was wearing clothes, much less what those might have looked like. His face was disfigured so badly I couldn’t be sure if he wasContinue
  • Firefight
    The smell of burnt hair and sulfur pressed on Jax’s nose, like it was trying to crush it. Whoa. That was close. Too close. Playing games as a little kid and training for six weeks did not prepare her for an actual battle. She dove without hesitation to her left from the wooden porch andContinue
  • Echoes
    There was a faint lavender aroma in Dr. Anzel’s office. This time it was mixed with something citrus, but Isaiah couldn’t place it. It seemed to alternate between lime and tangerine. That’s so weird. Those aren’t close. He sat waiting for his weekly visit with his therapist, because his mom insisted. She refused to believeContinue
  • Dice
    “Do you know how they do this?” The blue-gray misty shape shifted back and forth, eager for its turn. “I have no idea. I never worry about it.” The red-orange mist was much more diffuse. “Why? Have you figured it out?” “Not yet.” Blue-gray refocused its attention on the head of the line. It watchedContinue
  • A Caged Mind
    “You ever think about just leaving?” Doug’s eyes squinted against the hot midday sun. “And go where?” Michael’s face was in deep shadow from his sweat-stained Bruins cap. “I don’t know… Montana maybe?” Doug was trying to look far into the distance through his scrunched up face. “Taiwan?” “Taiwan?!” Michael turned to look at hisContinue
  • Bizarro’s Last Performance
    Every night after the show Bizarro stood in the wings watching the crowd leave. That night was the same. It was a packed house. Every bench was full. Dozens stood in aisles to watch. Bizarro had never been better. He was at his peak, and that night was his best performance. He stood in aContinue
  • Aaaaa. Aaaa-ah.
    The sun was almost hot where it fell on Andrew Martin’s stubbled chin. There was a slight breeze coming in from the water, and the air was still cold, carrying a light mist and a chill that forced Andrew to keep his wool gloves on. The thick gray gloves rested gently on the handles onContinue