green wooden bench and autumn leaves on grass covered field near trees during day

A car sped past, horn blaring. It wasn’t close. I’m fine. Everett continued forward. The sun was hot, but it felt good. There was always too much time inside — too much air conditioning. The wind jostled everyone’s hair as Everett moved through the park. He didn’t make a sound. He preferred to stay silent while watching people go about their lives. This is so crazy! How do these people come up with such crazy ideas!?

A man on a bike passed on Everett’s left, going fast. He slipped a bit and was nearly knocked to the ground, but managed to stay up. The man yelled something, but Everett didn’t catch it. It wasn’t that important anyway. He sat for a while on a bench, just watching clouds float by in the sky. There was nothing on his mind then. It’s refreshing to have a blank mind every so often. It never lasts, though. My mind is always so busy. I need to stop sometimes. This is nice.

Everett’s mind suddenly jumped to his friends. He had so many friends — all over the planet. They were mostly nearby, but he was really good at keeping up with them. Kyler, his best friend from high school, was at Yoga class right now all the way across town. Stephan was headed to the country to take a day away.

Everett figured he’d hear from him every hour, because Stephan was a close friend and somehow always found time to keep Everett updated on his life. Stephan is such a good friend. Everett knew just about everything about Stephan, but not so much about Stephan’s wife, Jean. She was a more private person and besides that, it would be creepy to have too much contact with his friend’s wife. Jean was nice, and really great for Stephan, but Everett knew where his boundaries should be.

An old couple were holding hands on the bench across from Everett. He couldn’t resist taking a picture. It was sweet. They were backlit so nicely and the newspaper on the man’s lap reflected light in their faces. That was a good picture. Everett decided he would share it with everyone. They were in public after all. Anyone could have seen them sitting there, and it was so sweet.

After sharing, Everett was looking around and saw a funny little dog jumping up and down for a ball. Dogs are so cute. The newspaper the old man was holding reminded him that he hadn’t seen the news, so he scrolled through the headlines. “Virus Risk High Today — Mask Up.” Yeah… I’m good. “Artificial Limbs Now React to Thoughts Faster Than Real Ones.” Hmm. I can see that. “Congress Ratifies International Fishing Ban to Save Humanity.” Wow, I didn’t think they had the guts to save humanity. Caroline should know about this one. Aaaaand… Sent.

I wonder how long this weather is going to stay so hot. Weather app… Wow, no kidding?! They’re thinking October? That’s crazy. I better get some shade. Everett headed for the picnic table under the trees. It’s nice here — cooler. The shimmer of the light through the leaves is so cool. I need a video of this. He began recording. This needs to be short so I can loop it. Done. Perfect! A couple of tweaks… loop it… insta-share… done.

Everett was very satisfied with it. It was time to go back inside so he headed toward home. Just as he was leaving the park, a skateboarder ollied onto the sidewalk and knocked Everett to the ground — hard. He lay there a moment, mind blank. He was in shock. Oh no. Am I broken? I feel broken. I hope I didn’t damage my face. It’s my best feature. Eventually Everett returned to his normal upright position. I really need to be more careful. He got dusted off. Face is safe. Whew! That was too close!

He cautiously slid into his special, padded pocket in Sara’s purse.

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